Veterinary Services Provided by the Exotic Pet and Bird Clinic of New Hampshire

The Exotic Pet and Bird Specialty Clinic of New Hampshire provides a full range of veterinary services, allowing us to become the single resource for your exotic pet's medical needs. General services, as well as radiology, ultrasound, full laboratory services, ECG, respiratory and blood pressure monitors, orthopedic surgery, soft tissue surgery, and intensive care facilities are all available.

Annual or semi-annual examination are the most important part of keeping your pet healthy. Since diet and management are so important in exotic pet medicine, it is imperative that regular check-ups and discussions of health matters occur.

Some pets such as ferrets require vaccinations. In ferrets, distemper is fatal but is easily prevented by regular vaccination.

Preventive Medicine
The clinic has developed a variety of preventive health sheets to maximize your particular pet's health based on their age, risk factors and species.

Diagnostic Testing
Many exotic pets hide illness until too late. The judicious use of blood testing and x-rays can spot disease early where it can be treated more successfully.

Exotic pet surgery is different than the larger pets such as dogs and cats. It requires specialized equipment (for example, birds have no diaphragms so the use of a ventilator during surgery is required) and expertise. We have extensive experience in surgery on ferrets, rabbits, reptiles, small mammals and birds.

We have trained the staff at the Capital Area Veterinary Emergency Service (1 Intervale Road, Concord, NH. Fort Eddy Exit off of I-393) to handle exotic pet emergencies and this is the preferred emergency clinic for you to take your pet to. Their telephone number is 603-227-1199.

Exotic Pet Information
We pride ourselves on discussing all aspect sof your exotic petís health with you at the time of examination and afterwards.