Specialized Veterinary Services for Birds and Exotic Pets

The Exotic and Bird Clinic of New England provides a full range of veterinary services, allowing us to become the single resource for your exotic pet’s medical needs. We don’t like to brag, but we are pretty confident that if we can treat a mouse all the way up to an elephant, we can care for just about any pet that may come in! We pride ourselves on providing your pet with the best medical care available.

The Clinic’s founder, Dr. Michael Dutton, is a highly trained and experienced exotic pet veterinarian. He is one of fewer than 110 Board Certified Avian Specialists, one of only 15 Reptile and Amphibian Practice Specialists in the world, and, along with Dr. Peel, among the 25 Exotic Companion Mammal Specialists.

Veterinary Services


We offer wellness and preventative care for all stages of life… catered to individual patient needs.

Wellness Exams

Preventative Care

Owner Education


Parasite Prevention and Control

Nutritional Counseling

Avian or Exotic Environment Counseling

Geriatric Health Care


A host of advanced diagnostic services are available at the clinic, including exotics-specific disease testing.

Radiology and Ultrasound

Full In-House Laboratory

ECG, Respiratory and Blood Pressure Monitors

Bloodwork: Hematology & Biochemical Analysis

Viral & Bacterial Testing

Fungal cultures


We offer a full range of surgical and other treatment procedures to benefit your pet and reduce risk.


Behavioral Counseling



Medical Boarding & Hospitalization

Pain Management

Palliative & Hospice Care


Our team is proud to have the experience, training, and technology to meet your exotic pet’s unique needs.

Specialized Rabbit & Small Mammal Dentistry

Orthopedic (Corrective) Beak Trimming for Birds & Turtles

Shell Repair and Fracture Repair Adrenal Gland Disease Treatment for Ferrets

Chronic Egg Laying for Birds

Treatment of Reptiles with Follicular or Egg Stasis

Behavior Therapy for Feather Destruction Tendencies in Birds